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Bruce Noon

Author of the well-known sci-fi book,

“Inca Gods and Aliens.”

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Meta Title: Enthralling Escapades in Supernatural Fiction: An Unputdownable read for Sci-Fi Fans

Meta Description: In Bruce Noon’s latest supernatural fiction masterpiece, immerse yourself in a world where ancient Inca myths and modern science fiction intertwine


Enthralling Escapades in Supernatural Fiction: An Unputdownable Read for Sci-Fi Fans

Meeting Bruce Noon: The Mind Behind Inca Gods and Aliens

Have you ever wondered about the mystical Inca civilization and its enigmatic lore? Inca Gods and Aliens stands out in the supernatural fiction genre with its gripping exploration of ancient mysteries through a modern lens. Author Bruce Noon mixes historical intrigue with paranormal elements, creating a narrative that invites you to unravel the secrets of a lost world.

About the author

Bruce Noon, author of the hit Inca Gods and Aliens, brings a unique blend of experiences to his writing. Raised in a family of beekeepers, he learned early on the importance of biology and chemistry, knowledge deepened by his father’s battle with diabetes. His military service and later roles in medical research further shaped his perspective, culminating in his studies at the University of Arizona. This unique blend of life and academic experiences has equipped him with the tools to intertwine scientific insights with mesmerizing fictional tales.

Inca Gods and Aliens

Inca Gods and Aliens merges the stories of Inca runners with the intrigue of the extraterrestrial. Set against a backdrop of ancient Peruvian landscapes, the novel explores the extraordinary abilities of Inca messengers, often attributed to otherworldly influences. This fascinating blend of historical accuracy and imaginative sci-fi invites readers to question the limits of human speed and endurance through a captivating narrative.

Noon is expanding Inca Gods and Aliens into an audiobook, so keep an ear out for that!

Key themes and elements

The thrilling themes of extraterrestrial influence and ancient wisdom are at the heart of the story. The novel speculates on aliens’ role in shaping the Inca civilization’s capabilities, notably through the revered Inti sun god. It daringly combines mystical elements with the factual, particularly through discussions around the reverse Krebs cycle. It presents a unique fusion that appeals to any reader fascinated by the spiritual realm and otherworldly phenomena.

From the author

“Thank you for taking this journey through Inca Gods and Aliens. Your curiosity fuels the exploration of more supernatural fiction, and your engagement shapes future narratives. From Tucson to the far reaches of ancient empires—to a brand new novel about a near-death experience that propels 10,000 years into the future—stay tuned for more dramatic adventures in upcoming writings. Your enthusiasm and support bring these stories to life.”

Bruce Noon

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About Bruce

Bruce owned a Bed and Breakfast in the early 2000’s and with his wife Irene, met hundreds of people from all over the world. Many were from South America and spoke about interesting facets of the Incan empire. This gave him great inspiration to write the book, “Inca Gods and Aliens.”