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Author Bruce Noon

About Me

My Science Fiction Journey

Early life

Born in Nogales, AZ, and traveled abroad in the Army, I have a unique experience of two nations colliding cultures living in a border town. I am a graduate of the University of Arizona liberal Arts program.

I have worked in many professions, including beekeeping, medical technician, and software engineering, but I prefer being an author of science fiction most of all.

Authored Works

After years working in the medical field in both a hospital laboratory and in data science, working on the software that controlled laboratory instruments, I wrote a science fiction book about the science behind Inti the Sun God and a genius child who cleverly came up with formulas, after communing with aliens across space and time, which speeds up the metabolic rate of chosen Incan citizens who could run impossible speeds as runners. And then how it became adopted in modern times.

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